What’s happened this month?

Competition winners in Somersham

We had a fantastic day early this month choosing the winners of the Somersham Incentive Competition.  The four judges had a guided tour of the Nature Reserve and Lake from Somersham Nature Reserve Group and had the opportunity to blow their own trumpets (well,  Cornets and French Horns) as part of Somersham Town Bands’ presentation. There were three entries in this round but after the scores were added up it was a draw between the Town Band and the Nature Reserve with the prize being split between them. The Nature Reserve will be planting a community orchard with lots of associated activities and the band will use the money to encourage more young players to come forward to learn an instrument.

Somersham Town Band

Somersham Lake: part of the Nature Reserve

Community reporter training

In order to encourage Somershams local interest groups to find different ways of promoting their activities Ed and Matthew Hall (Cambridgeshire County Council) ran a training session for three potential community reporters in the village.  They were shown how to make a short film, use YouTube and how to embed films onto WordPress.

 Somersham 55+

We made a short film (in a week!) for the Somersham Service Challenge Workshop in order to raise awareness of the issues facing older people in the village.  It was also an excellent way to enable people who couldn’t be present that day to have some input into the event.


Somersham 55+ film - screenshot

Service Challenge Workshop

Twenty eight representatives from the community of Somersham; County, District and Parish Councils and civil society organisations attended a workshop hosted by us. The aim of the workshop was to investigate the potential for the co-production of associated services for older people; an issue identified from last summer’s consultation. The two main outcomes were to identify the current provision in the village and start investigating the potential for delivering these in different ways. A written summary of the workshop can be accessed through this link: Service Challenge Workshop summary 


Somersham Friendship club enjoying being filmed!

What have we learnt this month?

  • We are revisiting our thoughts about using film in communities.  The film we made for the Somersham Service Challenge Day was well received, useful and simple to create and we will be using and making films again in future work.
  • The Service Challenge workshop indicated that there is interest and potential for co-production in rural communities however the workshop did identify two key challenges; the need for improved communication links between service providers and the community and the need for more volunteers from within the community (a recurring theme)

What’s been challenging this month?

There don’t seem to have been too many major challenges this month!   We have been concerned about ensuring that ongoing support is in place for the four communities we have been working with and of course there are always deadlines/milestones to complete….


What are you proud of this month?

The Icarus workshop at the end of the month helped us to see exactly what has been achieved over the past year and it was great to hear some of the positive comments coming from the communities we have been working with. Overall the new methods of consultation, the filming and the competitions do seem to have generated more interest and participation in community issues and we will be using many of these new approaches in our work going forward.  We are proud that we have delivered we said we would, adapted and improved our approach where necessary and created positive changes in four great rural Cambridgeshire communities.

Bye from Ed

Bye from Rachael

And bye from Corrina too