We have the Tydd St Giles Community film to show you with  the Prickwillow version to follow very shortly. We are unable to put the Pidley film onto open access view for the reasons I have blogged about below (see ‘What have we learnt this month’).  However Alice was shown the Pidley film when she visited in December and we have sent a restricted access YouTube link to NESTA . Once the necessary alterations have been made we will be able to put the link onto the blog. 

What’s happened this month?

  • The final editing of the Prickwillow and Tydd St Giles films is complete.
  • The Pidley community film was shown to the community in their Village Hall.
  • The Tydd film has been shown to the Parish Council and subsequently the community along with a presentation from Shape your Place – an online community website relevant to the village.  The written action points have been posted onto the Tydd page and access to the film will be through it in order to encourage more residents to visit the site.  http://wisbech.shapeyourplace.org/your-town-parishes/tydd-st-giles/

    Tydd residents comment about the Old School derelict buildings in the village on the Shape Your Place website

  • We are supporting Pidley Parish Council in distributing an affordable housing needs survey.  There is much controversy in the village about the building of more houses and this was highlighted through the consultation process this summer. In order to gain a fuller picture of the needs of the village the Parish Council has decided to implement an affordable housing needs survey. This is working outside of the normal practices where the survey would be commissioned by the District Council and local Housing Association and it will be interesting to see how both organisations react to the results.
  • We have been supporting the Somersham Challenge Prize entrants to develop their project ideas through a number of one to one support visits and have arranged a combined Service Challenge and competition support meeting with Pidley competition entrants focussing on play provision.
  • We had a very positive meeting in Somersham where the theme for the Service Challenge day was established; a workshop investigating the potential for the co-production of services for older people in the village.  We have also contacted the County Council who have agreed to run some training sessions on community reporting in the village and we hope to use this opportunity to create a short film for the workshop which depicts the challenges faced by older people living in Somersham.

''The fish and chip shop is the only place I see the older people of Somersham''

What have we learnt this month?

Initially we had a very positive response from the community in Pidley when they were shown the film.  Thirty four residents turned out to the viewing and the Parish Council hosted a very lively question and answer session. However afterwards we received a phone call from one resident who was very upset because he had taken a number of phone calls from other residents questioning him about what he had said on the film concerning the need for housing in the village.  We were concerned about this because the resident in question had been very supportive of the filming and we felt we had put him into a distressing position.  We offered to remove his clip from the film and issue an apology for the upset we had caused him.  This has led us to reflect upon whether a film is an ideal medium to use in a village with many contentious issues.  We were aware of the various viewpoints held in the village and tried our very best to create a film which we thought would create no offence however we have learnt that  what is said on film can be wrongly interpreted by others if the issue in question is  a sensitive one.

What’s been challenging this month?

Obviously dealing with the reaction of some Pidley residents to the film has been challenging. We have also found the timescales involved in film editing have surprised us and incurred some rearrangement of project plans.

What are you proud of this month?

Despite the problems we have had in Pidley we do feel that the project is having a galvanising effect on the community. The Parish Council has requested a housing survey and is looking at ways of securing land for the play area.  The Pidley Playground group has created a film to express the need for a play area and is currently looking for funding.   At the film night residents were asking what they could do to solve the traffic issues in the village.  However we are mindful that having created these situations we must provide the necessary support for the future.