Just a quick summary of what was discussed at the co-production workshop. 

 Co-Production Workshop: Summary

Cambridge Professional Development Centre, Foster Road, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9NL

What do you want out of today?

  • How to work better across councils and areas
  • How to work better together
  • How to improve work with residents
  • Engagement with citizens
  • Better understanding off co-production
  • Localism
  • Integration of services
  • Staff skills and training


  • Turn strategy into dialogue
  • Practical application of co-production
  • Localism and the opportunities it offers
  • Co-production in rural communities
  • How to work with disengaged groups
  • How to be flexible
  • Interpreting and implementing co-production


 Examples of great Co-production

Timebanking in Cambridgeshire: Cambridge, Cambourne and Somersham have a Time Banking scheme.  This is a slightly top down approach but essentially a catalyst for involvement.

Cambs Future Transport: Pilot scheme in Haddenham to replace a subsidised bus route

Social Care Partnership Boards: those in need decide how to spend budgets allocated to them

Centrepeace: Bookshop and information cafe started by the Church.  Involves volunteers, reaches out to isolated people and provides employment for adults with learning difficulties

 Examples of not so great Co-production

Community Connect: not as good engagement as hoped because geographical area set as per locality team not what the local residents consider as their own local areas

Homeless Services in Haringey in 1980’s:  closed homelessness reception to the public and only allowed contact via the telephone


Concern was expressed as to whether there is a danger of over co-producing in smaller communities.

There are lots of examples of communities developing their own solutions in the past

Asset mapping

Groups were asked to identify all the assets they consider would be present in ‘Anytown’ UK, these included:

Schools Museums Time banks
Health Centres Private cars Social media
Village Halls Tools and equipment Local gossip
Historical buildings Community Transport Visiting schemes
Closed shops Benches and bus stops Volunteers
Public Libraries Notice boards Mentors and trainers
Fire Stations Railway stations Car drivers
Scout huts Sheltered housing Individual skills
Open Spaces Social clubs Elected members
Car parks Sports Centres Sports teams
Children Centres Allotments Youth clubs
Churches Businesses Neighbourhood Watch
Take aways Post Office Facebook

Potential Challenges to Co-production

Challenge  And some solutions…
Scepticism from the community Openness and transparency, involve the community in every step
Lack of time to do this Make it your day job!
Reliability of volunteers Is this a myth?
Cynicism from service providers Support for culture change
Localism and Big Society seen as a political agenda  
Managing expectations  
Localism bill not passed yet and offer to public still unclear  
Reluctance to accept and create new ideas Clearly defined offers and boundaries, honest conversations
Fear of criticism from public  
Lack of motivation from communities